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David Morris and Ox here…co-authors of the best selling “Tactical Firearms Training Secrets” book and Dry Fire Training Cards to introduce you to a completely revolutionary method of firearms training developed by Matt and Sherrie Siebert. Matt was the general manager of one of the country’s foremost firearms training facilities and left to fulfill a personal quest to develop a dependable way to teach both new and experienced shooters how to shoot groups the size of a walnut under stress as quickly as humanly possible. It took 15 years, but Matt and Sherrie did it. Several elite military and law enforcement units have adopted it, including the FBI entry teams, and now you can learn it too by using their home study course.

Because of the relationship that I have developed with Matt and Sherrie over the last year and a half, they’re willing to give my readers who buy through this special page a 60% discount on the training! In addition, I believe in this training so much that I’m going to include some bonuses, as well. With that, I’ll let Matt take over and tell you the rest.

From the desk of: Matt Siebert
In the mountains of Northern Arizona, outside of Prescott

Everyone knows that most shooters don’t ever shoot close to their real skill level. If you did, you would shoot one- hole groups consistently.

In this Home Study Program, we will show you the easiest (and most effective) way ever discovered to shoot instant precision accuracy shots every time you shoot.

Perfect Practice on the front end provides perfect results on the back end….

It’s important to shoot consistently… All the top shooters do. … Learn now why you don’t (yet)… and how you can shoot AT YOUR BEST – much, much more often  by simply taking advantage of our Amazing Discovery!

Arizona Law Enforcement Officer Shares His Thoughts On Insight’s Method


Dear Friend,

What I am about to say may truly shock you:

When you are shooting, your brain is your best friend… but your brain may ALSO be your worst enemy!

Why do I say that?

Because the right part of your brain can guide you effortlessly to shoot your best group ever… while another part of your brain can only sabotage and frustrate you every step along the way.

Call it “The Battle of The Two Minds”

I remember when I got my first gun.  It was a 9mm Browning High Power.  The magazine capacity was 13 rounds and it would hold one round in the chamber.  My left brain was saying, “Heck, If I can’t solve the problem with 14 rounds, God wanted him to live!”  But my right brain was saying, “I don’t have the confidence and skill to shoot accurately, and only by the help of God and plenty of ammunition will I be able to defend myself when I need to.”

When I went to the range, I wanted to be able to hit a fly on the wall like they did in the movies, but my average size group was 6 inches to 9 inches at 15 to 21 feet.  And there was always those one or two rounds that would get away from me.  I knew that a 6 inch group on the range would end up spraying 12 inches away from the mark if I ever had to really use the gun to protect myself.  What bothered me even more were those stray shots, the ones that would get away.  I was afraid that I’d miss the bad guy and possibly hurt or kill an innocent person.  That was something I just couldn’t live with !

And I learned a hard lesson, first-hand.

In “The Battle of the Two Minds,” I was a frequent “casualty” on the shooting range.  That was because the “conscious” part of my brain constantly screwed up my accuracy.  So it was especially important for me to figure out how to get the right part of my brain to win the battle – because that was the only way I could consistently shoot more accurately.

The good news: After 15 years of research, I did figure it out.  And my discovery will bring a HUGE advantage to YOUR accuracy !

“Matt’s system is spectacular. I have never seen anyone be able to teach something this difficult, but make it so easy so quick and look at the results… “Igor Ledochowski, World Renowned Hypnologist and Author of the Book, “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”

The Battle Of The Two Minds
The Inner Process of Shooting Seen In A Whole New Light

If you’ve ever heard that shooting is a “mental process,” you probably thought “That rings true” but never gave it a lot more thought. I have, though. I put years of research, study, and “student experimentation” into the mental process of shooting accurately, especially when you need it the most . . . to defend yourself.

What I learned is: Your everyday, conscious, “thinking” mind is constantly working against you when you are trying to shoot  those precision shots.  Maybe that sounds crazy to you – I know it did to me when I first learned this surprising fact.

You see, when you’re shooting, it’s your unconscious mind – the powerhouse beneath the surface – that’s really your best friend. It’s the unconscious mind where your skill level resides – and so does the secret to consistently shooting with precision accuracy.

All you have to do is tap into that unconscious skill power… and at the same time, get the conscious mind out of the way. For most people, though, this is difficult, even overwhelming.

Until, that is, they use my breakthrough discovery.

“I would be delighted to provide you with a sworn affidavit certifying that all members of our class were shooting one hole groups within one hour.”

Robert E. Brown

The 3 Reasons You Usually Shoot…
WAY BELOW Your Top Skill Level

Let me share with you some information that is vitally important to every shooter.

Whatever method you use to improve your accuracy, all of your improvements get stored in your unconscious mind – beneath the threshold of your awareness.  That is how you improve your skill level.

A good definition of “skill level” is the way you would shoot if there was nothing in the way.  That is, your skill level is the best version of the shooter in you.

Now when you are motivated, focused, and – this is important – “In The Zone” that is when you are at your best.  And while most shooters know this intuitively, rarely has it been explained before why shooters can’t tap into their own highest level of skill on command.

Before I reveal my breakthrough discovery – which lets you stay permanently “In The Zone” – let me review what over 15 years of intense academic and hands-on research revealed to me: The 3 Reasons You Almost Always Shoot Way Below Your Skill Level

You Are “MISSING” Important Elements of Marksmanship

Most shooters are totally unaware of what they don’t know. We have deconstructed the shooting process and identified over a dozen elements that are not taught in traditional firearms programs.  They are the “secretes” that set apart the amateurs from the pros.

We have gone to great lengths to include all the secrets of the pros so you have every element of marksmanship that will give you the ability to shoot with precision accuracy starting with your very first shots.

You will be blown away at how much NEW information you’ll get in this powerful new program !

You’re Thinking About How To Shoot, Which Causes You To Jerk On The Trigger

Yes, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom that thinking about how to shoot would hurt your accuracy.

Look at it this way, your conscious mind is a full second behind “Real Time”.  Not only that, it only processes 40 bits of information per second.  Now, your unconscious mind is only 3/1000 of a second behind “Real Time” and processes 40 million bits of information per second.  Imagine you had a perfect autopilot built into your unconscious that would eliminate any anticipation to the recoil of the gun or the firing process.

Consider this metaphor: A jet airliner has an autopilot system built into its controls.  But the airline is on strike and the only pilot who is available to fly the Jet is “Nervous Fred”.  While he flies, every few seconds Fred gets distracted by random instrument readings and for no good reason, he jerks the controls so the jet lurches a couple of degrees up and down and sometimes left and right giving the passengers quite a bumpy ride.

Now, if Fred would just put the controls on autopilot, the plane would fly smoothly and Fred would arrive at its destination very easily wouldn’t he?

Well, in this analogy, “the perfect autopilot” is your unconscious mind.  “Nervous Fred” is your conscious mind, trying to take over the unconscious mind’s job.

And “the passengers?’  They’re the bullets.

Translation: “Nervous Emotions???” prevent you from shooting those perfect shots!

You Feel a Lot of Pressure to “Do Well.”

This is Nervous Fred, in the cockpit, in a frenzy. He’s looking at dials and meters and digital readouts, randomly pushing buttons when he sees something that makes him think the flight might be off course.  All because he believes what he is doing will improve the flight.

It’s totally irrational. He has no idea what he’s doing, but he thinks, “My intentions are good,” as if good intentions alone will get him the results he wants.

The irony is, if “Fred” (your conscious mind) would just relax… stop trying to do anything… and let “the perfect autopilot” (your unconscious mind) do its job, then he wouldn’t have to worry at all about shooting accurately and what others thought of him, since he’d be shooting so well.

In fact, the only thing he would have to worry about would be the envy coming from the other shooters because he would be shooting with incredible accuracy !

Tina was a first time shooter.  She was able to shoot this 1-Hole Group in less than 35 minutes at a distance of 15 feet using a Glock 19 after learning the Insight Method.


“How To Shoot With Deadly Accuracy,
When Your Life Depends On It”

I invented the perfect solution for the busy person who wants to take advantage of the power of this home study program and maximize their accuracy.  You may have put a lot of time, energy, money and experience into training and products to help you shoot more effectively.   That’s Great !  We’re going to show you how to capitalize on what you already know and realize the benefits of everything you’ve done before and take your ability to the next level.

“The Deadly Accuracy Course” is an educational video that will demonstrate ALL the elements of the process and can literally “trance-form” your skills with a pistol into shooting like a machine on autopilot, giving you the precision of a laser guided missile.

It will give you the glue to make the elements of marksmanship that you already know about permanently stick in your mind.  It sticks so good it is almost impossible for anyone to fail.  Everyone can shoot accurately under any condition when this process or should I say “glue” – is applied.

Insight’s Deadly Accuracy Course Comes on a Secured USB and can be Viewed On ANY computer running Windows (sorry Linux and Mac users), Providing the Guidance to Effortlessly Improve Your Shooting Performance

The Deadly Accuracy Course provides effective information that “programs” your mind for one purpose, and one purpose only – to maximize your potential, making sure you are at your most focused, and in the “Zone” when you are on the range practicing, shooting in a competition, or when you need to deliver that instant precision shot for self defense.

In other words, no matter how stressed you “normally” would be on a particular shot, now you will be able to drop into “The Zone” and perform at your very best, effortlessly.

The Video Deadly Accuracy Course uses an engaging  multi media approach to activate your “relaxation center” in multi-sensory modes guiding you into a mentally relaxed state while you are viewing – and giving you the uncanny ability to return to that state, on command, whenever you are about to release each and every shot.

“Every learning style available to instruction(visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) is incorporated within Matt and Sherrie’s programs, therefore touching every student’s unique methods of learning. The tools for Shooting the perfect shot every time are clearly explained and available to the learner.” Laura R.

The Deadly Accuracy Course effortlessly trains your unconscious mind to generate an instant state of relaxation on command – All the while, preparing the unconscious mind to improve and empower yourself to shoot at the top of your skill level While getting the conscious mind out of the way, preparing you for those all-important moments.

This Scientifically Designed Teaching Methodology Utilizes a multi media approach using pictures, video’s and sound effects to engage all three learning styles, making the skills easy to understand and easy to apply. Further training your unconscious mind, enhancing and promoting this life-changing skill and preparing you to shoot precision shots the next time you go shooting!

How Soon Would You Like To Change Your
“Inner Accuracy”
… And…Watch Yourself
Shoot Precision Shots Every Time?

When you think about the amount of money you might have previously spent on videos, books, lessons, time on the shooting range, and the thousands of rounds of ammo you shot in practice, along with everything else you have done to achieve those 1-hole groups, you may realize two things:

1. It’s all money well spent, and practice can improve your accuracy.

2. But has your skill improved?  Has that investment paid off?  Are you limiting the value of what you have invested in developing your skill so far if you still can’t take advantage of the improvements you have made and shoot one-hole groups consistently?

That means you are losing out on everything you’ve done up to now if you can’t always shoot with to your maximum skill level. What would it be worth to you, to “cash in” on the considerable investment you’ve already made improving your accuracy?

Finally, here is a product that can end “The Battle of the Two Minds” permanently and in your favor… and do a lot more besides.

As you can see, that would be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to you!

Ask Yourself . . . What is Your Life Worth . . .To You & Your Family ?

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After delaying it, tweaking it, adding to it and expanding it,

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1-Hole Group with her first 12 shots at 15 feet. She was a first time shooter using a Glock 9mm and applied the principles you’ll learn in this program

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First off, you won’t find this information anywhere else at any price.  Second, we made sure you get everything to master the art and science of shooting with precision accuracy.  And third, we designed the course so you experience these secrets.  This is the fastest way to improve your accuracy and program the skills to your unconscious so you can shoot with Deadly Accuracy

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“How To Shoot With Deadly Accuracy, When Your Life Depends On It” Home Study Program!”

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P.S. Are you still asking yourself……….How can “How To Shoot With Deadly Accuracy, Even Under Intense Stress When Your Life Depends On It” really improve your accuracy?

You’ve seen how the shooting methods have worked for other shooters and how it can work for you.

But perhaps the best explanation is the conclusion of this fellow shooter after using Insight’s method:

“Wow !!! He did it. Matt has created a re-learning system on par with Zen that can do more in one day, than what I’ve been striving for my whole life…Wayne Padilla – Showing off the business card he split on edge with a single shot by using the Insight’s methods that you will discover in this powerful program.